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The wellbeing of all children and staff at Clytha Primary School is of utmost importance. As a school, we promote high levels of wellbeing and encourage children to have confidence, embrace new challenges and feel secure enough to take risks. We ensure all children display good attitudes to their learning, demonstrate high levels of engagement and sustain concentration on tasks. They are encouraged to develop the skills and ability to reflect upon their own learning and the learning of their peers.

The development of our approach towards the Wellbeing of all has been a focus in our Development Plan this year. This has been evident in the professional research staff have completed individually and has resulted in a range of successful strategies being introduced throughout the school including:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) where pupils learn how to ‘tap into’ emotional pathways in their bodies through gentle tapping and music.

  • Peer Massage has been introduced in Year 1 and the children have responded well to it with many saying how calming it is. 

  • Improved Forest School Outdoor/creative learning activities

  • Yoga continues to be used throughout the school from Nursery to Year 6 and classes regularly use these techniques to move to stretch, relax and recharge and ‘breathing breaks’ are a feature of our school day.

  • Lego Therapy which helps children to develop social skills


Clytha is a ‘Dementia Friendly School’. We have linked with the Dementia Ward at St Woolos Hospital and pupils visit there each month to work with the patients on a variety of creative activities. This is such a rewarding, inter-generational project that we hope are keen to continue.

Our children at Clytha develop whole-school strategies such as ‘breathing breaks’ and mindfulness to help give coping strategies and to take a moment at times, in our very busy days. Yoga for children is shared in every class from Nursery to Y6, allowing our children to stretch and relax-again, allowing our children to develop strategies to help them feel calm and enable them to best learn.

We expect all children and staff to show high levels of respect, kindness and concern for others. Our Clytha curriculum provides a wide variety of learning experiences which encourage children to communicate effectively, solve problems and develop their thinking skills.

Children are encouraged to continually express their views and opinions, which provides them with a real sense of belonging. Pupil Voice is embedded in all aspects of school life and it influences the strategic direction of our school. From time to time, children may face difficulties which may impact on their wellbeing. As a school, we work with parents and families to support children and fully believe in the importance of working as a partnership. Emotional Literacy Sessions are available led by fully- trained staff. For any child in need of support, External Agencies are also used to help us support the wellbeing of our Clytha children. We see ourselves as a ‘village school in the city’ and as such all staff know each and every child and family well. We strive to allow our children to feel successful and we help our children to know and feel informed about strategies to help them.  Through recognising and celebrating success and knowing each child well, we encourage every child to view themselves as healthy, confident individuals. Our school is happy.

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