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ALN (Additional Learning Needs)

In line with our ALN policy we aim to identify children with ALN as early as possible and ensure that appropriate provision is made to match their needs. This includes children with learning difficulties and those more able pupils who require additional challenge.


Our school has an ALNCo (Additional Learning Needs Coordinator), who will liaise with class teachers, teaching assistants and outside agencies to ensure suitable provision for identified pupils.


Specialist support from external agencies is an important aspect of the provision available for specific pupils.  We draw on these services as needs arise. In addition, school staff attend in-service training in aspects of special needs and the statutory Code of Practice in order to continually update and enhance their expertise. After detailed consultation with parents, children are entered onto the Additional Learning Needs Register at one of four stages:

  • Stage 1/Watching Brief

  • Early Years Action/School Action

  • Early Years Action Plus/School Action Plus

  • Statement of Educational Need level or Funded Individual Development Plan.

Parents will be consulted when the school makes a professional decision to refer children to the other specialists and the closest liaison possible is maintained with the family.


Our school is an ‘Autism Friendly School’ and we are also a ‘Hearing Impairment Friendly School’ and a ‘Specific Learning Needs Aware School’ as well as a ‘Dyslexia Friendly School’ with our staff trained in these areas and our classroom ethos and organisation adapted to meet the needs of any learners with these disabilities.