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Learning to Learn

Learning is a skill that children need to develop. Real learning means being able to utilise skills and dispositions that can help our children when faced with challenges or learning experiences that may be difficult. All children at Clytha Primary are taught skills and dispositions that will act as important capacities to them as learners across the curriculum, in school and beyond. At Clytha, we call them our ‘Clytha Mantras’ and these are:

  • I like the feel of learning

  • I am not afraid to make mistakes

  • Sometimes learning is hard…and that’s ok

These Learner Mantras are coupled with our strategies to enable and empower our learners to lead their own learning. Our aim is to teach children ‘what to do when they don’t know what to do.’ At Clytha, we encourage the joy of learning and of ‘liking the feel of learning’ and this is not always immediate. Children have explicit teaching about what to do, when they are stuck in their learning through self-awareness and how to work with others’, to put the required effort in and to not give up.  Our children know that learning needs resilience, effort, resourcefulness, collaboration and self-awareness. At Clytha, we encourage our children to feel the joy of learning.

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