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Family Engagement

Our Community is involved in several events at school throughout the year-Autumn Show, Winter Fayre, and Summer Fun Day. Parents support and run clubs throughout the year such as Play, Football Club and Hockey.

Family Fitness sessions, Family Food sessions, ‘Breathe and Read’, ‘Stretch and STEM’, Mindful Maths Sessions and our Parents Council help ensure family involvement, engagement, an enriched education for our pupils and effective liaison.

Families join us for Curriculum Meetings, ‘Meet the Teacher’ Meetings and for reviewing pupil progress at ‘Parent Consultation Meetings’. We have a valuable ‘Clytha Friends Association’ who volunteer time and effort to help raise money for school.

As a direct impact, our profile in the community is raised. The impact of our community involvement is immeasurable - Clubs, Wellbeing, skills, time, and pupil progress, increased levels of health, confidence, creativity, capability, and entrepreneurial skills and we are immensely proud of our links with our extended ‘Clytha Family’ in the community.

Parent Council

We have a thriving and very helpful Parent Council at Clytha. Our Parent Council began with one or two parents from each class two years ago, running in a similar way to our School Council for children. Parent Council meet with our Head teacher, Mrs Davies, about twice a term, usually on a Thursday at 9.00am for a good hour. The Parent Council allow us to gain a sample of views that we use to plan forward as a school. Last year, we talked about Family and Community Engagement, Home-Learning and school events to name just a few topics. School always sets the agenda for the meetings as they are a means of gaining a further perspective from families on day to day matters raised by school. Our Parent Council are not representing all views, just their own. At times, we may send questionnaires home to all families, to gauge all views.

Parent Council  2019/20 minutes

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