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Clytha Primary School has adopted school uniform for all children.  Uniform is the same for all children from Reception to Year 6:


  • Dark navy sweatshirt/jumper with or without school logo

  • Dark navy cardigan with/without school logo

  • Dark navy fleece with logo (optional)

  • Sky blue polo shirt with/without logo

  • Dark navy skirt, culottes, pinafore or dress

  • Dark navy trousers

  • Navy tights / navy or white socks

  • Dark navy/pale blue checked summer dress

  • Dark navy shorts

  • Dark navy or black shoes (no trainers or sandals please)


Please Note:

  • All clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name.

  • Children are not permitted to wear any jewellery other than small stud earrings. If ear piercing is still healing, studs maybe left in place to avoid risk of infection, however, parents must provide tape to cover studs for PE sessions.

  • Sensible footwear only and shoes should be dark navy or black. Trainers are not permitted.

  • Navy, white or grey socks only are permitted

  • P.E uniform for the Summer Term is our school navy P.E top and navy shorts. Daps or outdoor trainers will be needed as most lessons will be outdoors, weather permitting.

  • Hair clips, ribbons and bobbles, should be in school colours and be of a small, neat size, please.

  • Hairstyles Dyed and/or shaved patterned hairstyles are not permitted in term time. Long hair needs to be tied back, this applies to girls and boys.


Summer Uniform

In the Summer Term (from the end of the Easter break until the end of school year), pupils may wear our Clytha Summer Uniform throughout the school. There may be periods of warmer weather outside of this that might warrant ‘summer uniform,’ however, this is at the discretion of the Head teacher.

  • Navy or pale blue and white gingham dress (navy shorts or leggings may be worn underneath)

  • Navy or pale blue and white gingham blouse with school skirt or culottes

  • Sky blue polo shirt with navy longer length shorts, skirt, culottes or pinafore.

  • Navy, grey or white socks

  • Dark Navy or Black school shoes-not sandals, trainers or flip flops

  • Suitable sunhats or plain caps (without logos) Sunglasses may be worn – with care.


School uniform helps our pupils to feel part of a community. It identifies our pupils when representing the school in the community or on visits and has a recognised effect on pupil behaviour. In accordance with Welsh Government (WG) regulations, we have ensured that the majority of the uniform is available from local stores or supermarkets. Please ensure your child’s name is clearly marked on all items of clothing.


School Book Bags


School book bags with our logo, can be purchased from Macey Sports. These bags are very hard wearing and you are encouraged to purchase one for your child’s use throughout the primary school. As storage space in our Y3-6 building is limited, we encourage our children to bring these Clytha bags.


They are perfectly sized to fit all in.


School Outerwear


Warm, waterproof coats are needed throughout the year. Navy coats with our school logo are available; however, families are able to choose a suitable coat for their child.



All children will need navy shorts and a navy polo shirt with the school logo for PE.  KS2 children are encouraged to also have a navy sweatshirt and navy joggers for outdoor PE in the colder spells.  Indoor PE is barefoot but dappers/ trainers will be required for outdoor PE.  Families will be notified when these are required.  Each child will need a cloth bag, with your child's name clearly marked on the outside. If parents are planning on having their child’s ears pierced, please do this during the start of the summer holiday.  It is advisable to leave studs and watches at home on PE days. Long hair must also be tied back for PE.


Children are allowed to wear small, neat studs to school and a wrist watch, but both must be removed for P.E.

Decorative bracelets and necklaces are not permitted for health and safety reasons.


If a child is young and not yet able to remove their earrings independently for PE lessons, then the earrings should not be worn to school that day. If ear piercing is still healing, studs maybe left in place to avoid risk of infection, however, parents must provide tape to cover studs for PE sessions.


Our Clytha school community is enriched by the diversity of our children.  We celebrate all faiths and are proud of our longstanding history of actively raising awareness of and celebrating the multitude of faiths present within the school.  We are aware that many of these faiths may involve wearing specific items of jewellery or clothing.  In order to ensure that we are able to provide a learning environment where the safety of all pupils is paramount, we ask that parents arrange to meet with the Headteacher to discuss and agree this prior to such items being worn.  


All items with a school logo can be purchased from Macey Sports or Beam Sports & Schoolwear

Macey Sports

169 Caerleon Road Newport

NP19 7FX

01633 259334

Beam Sports & Schoolwear

26 Cambrian Road


NP20 4AB

United Kingdom

01633 222261

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