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School Security & Health & Safety

Security of pupils during the school day is of paramount importance. 


At 9.00am each morning the school doors will be “locked” and entry for visitors is only possible through the main entrance.  The inner school door will be “locked” with entrance gained only by an electronically operated system.  At playtime, lunchtime and at all other times when children are on the lower yard, the external gate is locked.  There is a separate entrance to the Nursery.  The school’s main security system is in the school office and all visitors must approach the school office first.  If parents are visiting the school, we ask that they report to the school office before being escorted to another part of the school. All staff and visitors must sign in and out of school using our digital system. All late arrivals at school and children taken out of school for appointments. Also need to be signed in and out using this system. This is monitored by the Headteacher.


School is extremely vigilant with regards to the collection of children at the end of the school day.  Parents complete a form detailing who is allowed to collect their children from school at the start of the year.  We request that any changes to the normal arrangements e.g. if children are being collected by another child’s family, that school is notified in writing on the morning.  Only children in Year 5 or 6 are allowed to walk home by themselves with written parental consent. Mobile phones are only to be brought to school by pupils in Y5 and Y6 who have permission to walk home. Consent must be sought from school first and forms completed. These phones must be kept in the School Office and cannot be accessed or used at all on school grounds.


For fire safety reasons, all doors can be opened easily from the inside.  Fire drills are held once a term so that staff and pupils are used to evacuating the building in a safe and speedy manner.  Pupils are required to line up at assembly points well away from the building where they are checked by their teachers.  Fire alarms in the school are checked on a regular basis and all fire equipment serviced annually. 


Parents are kindly asked to be aware of parking safely outside the school grounds.  The road outside school is a potentially dangerous place and care needs to be taken to ensure safety.  Please do not park your car on the yellow zigzag lines and the double yellow lines. Parking restriction notices are displayed on lamp posts.  Please do not double park, also please do not allow your child to exit your vehicle from the road or an unsafe position.  


Our Health and Safety Policy is available on our school website, as are other policy documents that parents may find useful.


Occasionally your child may need to take medicine. You are welcome to come to school and administer the correct dose but school staff cannot administer medicines or tablets. Please do not send your child to school with medicine or tablets as children are not permitted to administer their own medicine.


If your child is asthmatic, you will need to complete a form so that we can keep accurate records. An inhaler must be provided in the chemist packaging with the prescription label clearly visible. The inhaler will be kept in the child’s classroom. Children will be supervised during their use but staff will not administer inhalers. Y3-6 children should take responsibility for their inhalers.

Children are encouraged to manage their asthma and may use their inhalers whenever there is a need.


Every effort is made to keep all our children and staff safe. If an accident does occur, we have members of staff who are qualified in First Aid. If your child needs treatment other than which we can provide at school, we will notify you immediately. It is therefore extremely important that emergency contact numbers are kept up to date.


Children are strongly advised not to bring valuables to school. As a school, we cannot take responsibility for any items that are lost, damaged or stolen. Mobile phones are not allowed in school. However, if a Year Five or Six parent feels that it is imperative that their child brings a mobile phone to school, phones will be stored in the school office during the school day. A form must be completed from the school office and this must be approved by the Headteacher in advance.

Arrangements for the Disabled

The school building has facilities to accommodate disabled children and adults. It is fully compliant with all current regulations. We are committed to inclusion and full access to the curriculum and all aspects of school life for all children. Occasionally Health and Safety issues demand that some exceptions be made. In these instances each case is looked at very carefully on an individual basis and suitable differentiation is negotiated. A full risk assessment will be taken prior to admission.

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