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Curriculum at Clytha

‘To share with and inspire all with our passion for teaching and learning. Igniting a love of learning in all and influencing and empowering others to create and develop environments and opportunities where learning is a joy and it is a joy to engage.’



At Clytha, we are preparing for ‘Curriculum for Wales 2022’ by realigning our subjects into the new Six Areas of Learning and Experience and planning with the Four Purposes at our core. These are Mathematics and Numeracy, Languages, Literacy and Communication (encompassing Oracy, Reading, Writing and Welsh Second Language and international languages), Expressive Arts, including Drama, Music, Art, dance, film and digital media, Humanities, including RE, History and Geography, Health and Wellbeing, including Physical Education, Personal and Social Education, Relationships and Sexuality  Education and learning for life, and Science and Technology, which incorporates Science, Design Technology and Digital Competency.

The wonder of Wales and our cynefin (our sense of place) and our Wider International Community is carefully woven into our planned learning experiences. We continually look to broaden our children’s horizons, with our eye on the world. This vision further enhances our ‘Four Purposes’ development where staff and children share in the planning for opportunities to develop as ‘healthy and confident, creative and enterprising, ambitious and capable and ethical and informed’ individuals and are threaded throughout our school.

We are preparing our children to be ready for the world in which we live, with the values we hold dear.  Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competency skills underpin real understanding and independent application of learning. Our curriculum is broad and balanced and allows our pupils to achieve, succeed and flourish.  Our Clytha Curriculum helps our children to leave us at 11years of age as happy, engaged, well-rounded, independent and most importantly, decent individuals.

Creativity, innovation and collaboration are intrinsic to our teaching at Clytha. We have developed a holistic, enriched curriculum that is rich in expressive and creative opportunities as well as engaging and excelling in the core subjects.

For more information regarding our Clytha Curriculum, please see our School Prospectus here

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