"To lift ourselves and others into our best future"

Clytha Primary School, Bryngwyn Road, Newport, NP20 4JT
Tel: 01633 265 266 HeadTeacher: Mrs Jo Davies

Grant Plans

Schools in Wales receive a grant from Welsh Government, Pupil Deprivation Grant (PDG) specifically for the purpose of reducing the impact of poverty on educational achievement.

Clytha Primary School’s Free School Meal population for 2016-2017 based on PLASC,  was 12 pupils, which was 5.69%  and we received £14950 in Pupil Development  Grant Funding.

The school undertook the following actions to support our pupils facing the challenges of poverty and deprivation:

-The provision of English and Mathematics programmes for pupils with any need in these areas. All pupils benefitting from these programmes made at least good progress based on their individual targets, nearly all making two sub-levels of progress. In Y5 and Y6, we used a teacher to run Mathematics Catch-Up groups, and  100% of the pupils in Y6 achieved secure L4 and 50% achieved L5.

-The provision of additional small-group programmes for pupils with emotional, social and behavioural needs, including ELSA. This bespoke provision has helped pupils to feel happier and ready to learn. Data used at the start and completion of the programmes have shown a significant improvement in well-being. Class based data has also shown good progress in learning. Families have responded very positively about the impact of these programmes.

-The provision of additional small-group and focused individual reading sessions, including a specialist teacher-led ‘reading-recovery’ style programmes, for those  requiring  support. The impact of this has been significant, with all pupils making at least good progress against their individual targets and in the National Reading Test comparative data with the previous year.

-Oracy underpins the development of Writing and with Writing as a driver in our SDP, we part funded specialist Oracy and Drama training, which has helped  result in improved teaching, learning and in our pleasing  Writing outcomes (100% of Y6 pupils eligible for FSM achieved securely at L4 in Writing and 50% achieved L5. In Y2, 100% achieved O6.) We are in the first quartile (highest 25%) in all the FSM benchmarking groups at KS2 and we are in the highest 25%in English, Mathematics and Science, for the third year.

-We purchased ICT subscriptions (MATHLETICS) to support and enhance Mathematics learning in school and at home. Family feedback has been positive and for those children without access to working technology at home, we offer a weekly ‘Learning Club’ open to all.

-We provided creative opportunities to enrich learning- such as an artist working in KS2 , UpBeat Music working in all classes.  These opportunities have been greatly enjoyed by all pupils and given them opportunities to develop holistically, creatively and collaboratively.